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Selecting a company to support your computer networks and telecom systems can be complicated. The technology is complex and there are so many support companies to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to compare one company to another. We honestly believe that when you consider all the facts, you will be absolutely convinced that SPN is the best network and telecom support vendor available to you:

Quality – we use only the best support and security systems as part of our managed service. They are specifically designed for the needs of small, medium and growing companies such as your own. When it comes to your computer network you should never settle for the cheap option which increases your costs substantially over the long term.

Price – we will charge you a single simple monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly subscription for all of your network management, on site or remote problem resolution needs. We don’t charge by the hour, so you never need to worry about the cost of calling us.

Availability – we run a professional service desk which aims to solve your problems quickly, where possible by the person who answers your call. Our services are primarily delivered to you via the internet, to any location, with onsite service only when it’s necessary. We can perform  most of your IT support remotely, without the delay, inconvenience and most importantly, the cost of having an engineer based onsite.

Investment – we invest in our business for the long term. We’ve used our technical skills to scour the world for support and security management systems specifically for the needs of small, medium and growing businesses. We’ve selected the best and made the investment in them on your behalf. More importantly we’ve invested in the people with the right expertise and the right attitudes to deliver the service you need.

Ease of use – unlike most support services you’re not forced to painfully describe your problem over the phone and then attempt to follow complex instructions from an engineer in order to fix the problem yourself. Using our specialist remote support tools we can see your problem from our support centre. In the vast majority of cases, we can solve your problem  on your workstation, there and then without the delay and inconvenience of having an engineer at your desk. Our engineers will talk to you clearly and in plain English – not techno-babble. It’s simple and easy!

Experience – we only deal with small, medium and growing companies, so we have huge amounts of experience of their special requirements. If you are a company such as this our service and our experience is tailored to your needs. Have a look around this website to see how closely our experience matches your situation.

Guarantees – our service to you is fully guaranteed, which is backed by our reputation within the sector. It’s great because of our continuity of care, on-demand service and cost control. We have built our reputation by delivering fantastic customer service.
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